Your game changing end to end design, sales and marketing subscription.


REVISTA PROJECTS offers builders an affordable all in one software as a service subscription to enable end to end design, sales and marketing of project build homes under their own brand.

This product will allow small and medium builders to undertake project builds and scale up their businesses, without the need for additional skills, headcount, administrative costs and with minimal investment and risk.



Smart Design Set
Your portfolio of housing designs.
Front End Web Experience
Front end immersive web portal branded under your own brand.
Virtual Display Village and Selector
Your immersive downloadable display village and colour/inclusion selector.
Builder Dashboard
Your backend dashboard to manage your subscription and download all your marketing and social materials.

1. Your Smart Set Design Portfolio

Your subscription provides access to a carefully curated a selection of housing designs and options that remain controlled for the builder but feel like incredible customisation for the end customer. Built to meet codes and fit on most block sizes, with interchangeable facades, these designs are incredibly livable, on trend, regularly updated and ready to sell to your customers. They come with a Bill of Materials and access to the design so you can make changes as required for your needs.

2. An immersive front end Customer Engagement Website

Your customer engagement website can sit within your current website and showcases all your designs, options, facades and colour schemes, allowing customers to virtually walk through these in a matterports style tour. Customers can:

  • Find designs that suits their block/needs.
  • Select a design and review various design options
  • Complete a virtual walk through of the selected design and option and compare colour schemes and facades.

3. A Virtual Display Village & Colour/Inclusions Showroom.

Your virtual display village and colour studio. Simply download the software and you can walk customers through their chosen design and selections via an amazing gamified experience (or even in Virtual Reality) from anywhere, anytime. Customers can make their colour and inclusion selections in the virtual showroom. These selections are then downloaded and signed off on as part of the contract.


4. Builder Dashboard

Where you easily manage your design selections, your branding and also where you have access to customisable marketing materials includings marketing renders, videos and social media materials that you can then share under your own brand.

Scale up, low risk, low cost.

Digital marketing and sales better than the big builders.

Done for you, all in one solution.