About Revista


Revista was born in early 2018, when Reality3d recognised an opportunity to combine nearly 20 years experience creating 3D illustrations in the building industry with cutting edge gaming technology and equipment. Since its inception, we have developed constantly, staying at the forefront of this software and equipment revolution to bring you the highest quality and most realistic virtual display walk throughs in the business. We continue to evolve our product, ensuring we are ahead of the latest advances and always seeking opportunities to add more value to your projects.

We look forward to helping you take your designs, sales and projects to the next level.

Meet The Team


Revista Virtual Modelling involves taking your 2D or 3D plans and creating a virtual model, which then becomes the basis for all your design, marketing and sales needs.


Virtual reality (VR) is a digital platform and tool that enables people to be put right into the 3D digital world. No longer will you need to see a design through a computer screen, instead you can explore a seemingly physical and real home.

You will be using the latest VR powered headset that will immerse you fully into the 3D environment. Through accurate sensors, the headset will translate your head and body movement accurately to the 3D environment.


Augmented Reality (AR) is a recent technology tool that superimposes digital aspects of a your view to enhance your experience. AR aims to enrich the real world with digital qualities through a lense, such as your mobile phone.

At Revista, we are solely providing VR home-viewing experiences. However, we are always developing new ways and methods to enrich people’s experience. AR will definitely make its way to Revista and synergise with VR to bring you an all-encompassing home-viewing experience.